The benefits of an online marketplace

Some sellers and small businesses think that selling their products in a marketplace is cheaper than designing a website and searching for software tools that manage several e-commerce platforms. Watch out! This can be the case for brands with a tiny catalog and a very focused audience. But a marketplace is also an investment for any professional company and brand. And it’s necessary if you want to squeeze all their benefits!


An online marketplace gives you the following benefits:

Digital visibility: A lot of shoppers use marketplaces as their main search engine and this way you can make your presence across more channels grow. In addition, customers feel more confident buying products in online marketplaces.

digial marketing

Diverse customers: Your loyal clientele knows your brand and will continue recommending it, but it’s a profile that you have studied in detail beforehand. What if you could reach buyers that you have never crossed paths with before, or try new demographic niches and discover new sales opportunities?

Diverse customers

SEO reinforcement: You must monitor your website’s SEO all the time and it’s not advisable to change your copies and designs too often. But you can test keywords and ad campaigns with your product listings and discover what attracts the most traffic in a marketplace!


Easy management: Adding more sales and distribution platforms to your omni-channel e-commerce strategy is not a problem thanks to marketplaces’ support (they can storage and ship your products if you like). And don’t forget tools for Product Information Management (PIM) that automate the bulk upload of product information to your marketplaces (we are a PIM and we configure any marketplace connector you need. This way you can be sure that the catalog and stock data are uniform across all your channels at the same time.