?What is a Website

A website is a group of globally accessible, interlinked web pages which have a single domain name. It can be developed and maintained by an individual, business or organization.The website aims to serve a vari ety of purposes. Example: Blogs.
A website is hosted on a single or multiple web server. It is accessible via a network like the Internet or a private local area network via IP address.


Websites, accessible through browsers, display useful content. They are navigable and can present digital content, images, video, and audio. Websites (vs web apps) are static, meaning the content doesn’t update dynamically. Most sites are built using HTML, CSS, and maybe some JavaScript.


Websites are one-way informational feeds, they do not allow viewers to interact or communicate back to the site. Mobile websites are designed specifically for smaller touch screens, and responsive design websites automatically adjust to the size and type of browser in which they are being displayed.


Why you need a Website?
Here, are prime reasons why you need a website:
An effective method to showcase your products and services
Developing a site helps you to create your social proof
Helps you in branding your business