?What is e-business

E-business is a way to pave the way for businesses to reach the market. The way in which customers buy goods and services. E-business enables business owners to reach effective and efficient customers and has the capacity to facilitate business through electronic networks such as the Internet and the World Wide Web. According to the European Community Development Office (OECD), e-commerce generally shapes transactions in relation to the business activities of individuals and organizations. These activities are based on the processing and transmission of digital information (text, audio and images) and are a set of activities that are directly supported by electronic communications (networks).


Are e-business and e-commerce the same two concepts?
E-business, in general, involves the application of new technologies to establish a chain of communication between manufacturers, sellers, suppliers, and generally, providers of goods and services on the one hand and the buyer and consumer or the customer in general on the other hand and the result is better decisions. , Optimizing goods and services, reducing costs and opening new channels; But e-commerce refers to any form of transfer in commerce in which the parties communicate with each other more electronically than through physical transfers.

e-business and e-commerce

In other words, e-commerce is a su2bset of e-business in organizations, because, in e-business, the electronic form of all business processes of the organization such as production, research, and development of administrative affairs, finance, human resource management, support, and trade It is important. While in e-commerce, the only electronic business process of the organization is a fundamental component of e-business.

e-business and e-commerce

E-business enables global processes of trade, relationships, and commerce. The company’s business environment may include a network for access to public organizations or specially designed networks designed to access specific individuals, or even an internal network designed to access individuals and employees within the company. E-business is not just about putting up a web page. Rather, it is the environment of business models, including trading with employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.